Online Admission to Government High School begins

Online admission to government high school begins

The admission form for admission in 35 Government Higher Secondary Schools in the capital  begin November 30 (from 12.12 in the night). Distribution and submission of this application will continue till December 12. Each application form is worth 150 Bagladeshi taka.
The Department of Education in Bangladesh decided this Thursday at a meeting in the afternoon (3 November).
According to the decision, the first class will be available for admission in the first class of the school on December 24th. Apart from this, all the schools will be conducting three sets of admission tests from class II to ninth, respectively, on December 17, 18 and 19 respectively.
Moussa Director General Dr. SM Wahiduzzaman said this Thursday evening, detailed information will be notified by notification.
Apart from this, the second and third grade admission test will be done for the same number as last year. The fourth class in the eighth grade will be taken for 2 hours.
Students will be admitted to class 9 in the JSC and JDC test results. In the second and third class Bengali 15, 15 in English and 20 in mathematics for a total number of 50 and in other classes Bangla 30, English 30 and 40 in mathematics will be taken for the test of 100 hours.
All government secondary schools will be admitted online in the country. However, upazila level schools where electricity and internet services are not adequate; Those institutions will be able to manage the admission process manually. And those who have the capability of private schools, they have to manage the online admission process.
Like last year, Online admission to government high school and private schools of Dhaka city will be 40 percent quota allocated for their respective areas. Government School Catchment Area will determine the Department of Secondary and Higher Education (Mashi).
Apart from this, 40 percent area quota will also be reserved for 5 percent freedom fighters quota, 2 percent disabled, one percent of Lillah boarding children and two percent of children in the education ministry’s children. All children will be able to apply for the remaining 50 percent seats.

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